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Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Advice for Pupils, Parents and Staff

The safety, welfare and wellbeing of our students is of unwavering importance to us as education providers. We want our students to develop into happy, confident, healthy and well-rounded young people who are set up for success in later life, whatever career or study options they choose.


To that end, we have a formulated a rigorous set of policies and guidelines that play a vital role in keeping our students safe and ensuring their learning path is a positive and productive one. We have also outlined key advice for pupils and staff on a variety of matters, which you can also find on this page. Contact us here at West Midlands Education & Skills, an independent school for SEN and BESD pupils, to discuss any queries you may have.

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West Midlands Education & Skills: an independent school in Walsall that is absolutely committed to getting the best from every pupil, regardless of gender, religion, sexuality, mobility or learning requirements.

For more information, please drop the school a message at:

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