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Specialist school

West Midlands Education & Skills is committed to our statement ethos of "INTEGRITY". This is embedded in everything that we do and is fully embraced by each and every member of our staff.

I - Individual,

N - Nurture,

T - Trust,

E - Encourage,

G - Guidance,

R - Respect,

I - Inspire,

T - Transparency,

Y - You Matter.

Get in touch with us to ask any questions you may have.

Our School: Welcome

Meet the staff: the people who make our school the great place it is for all of our pupils


Head of School and Curriculum Lead

Helen - head of school

Helen Barber

Head of School and Curriculum Lead


Lauren - deputy head

Lauren Svenson-Emms

Deputy Head of School


Niamh - educational tutor


Educational Tutor, Subject Coordinator and Mental Health Champion

Abigail - educational tutor


Education Tutor,  Subject Coordinator

Kizzy - educational tutor


Educational Tutor 


Educational Tutor,  Subject Coordinator 

Siobhan - educational tutor


Education Tutor,  Subject Coordinator.

Health and Safety Officer


Education Tutor,  Subject Coordinator.

Julian - educational tutor



Paul - proprietor and bricklaying tutor

Paul Hodgetts


St Patricks Presbytery

Blue Lane East


Term Time Contact: 01922643303

Holiday Contact:


Jim Ryan

Chair of Governors and Founder

St Patricks Presbytery

Blue Lane East



Our School: Staff
Our School: What's Happening

Latest news and information

At West Midlands Education & Skills, we understand how important it is to keep our learners engaged, along with parents and caregivers. You can download a copy of our latest Ofsted report and our newsletter


Current Newsletters

Professor & Students

Term Dates

2023/24  Academic year 

Autumn term 2023 

Term starts: Monday 4 September 2023 
Half term holiday: Monday 23 October 2023 to Friday 27 October 2023 
Term ends: Friday 22 December 2023 

Spring term 2023 

Term starts: Tuesday 8 January 2024 
Half term holiday: Monday 19 February 2024 to Friday 23 February 2024 
Term ends: Friday 22 March 2024 

Summer term 2023 

Term starts: Monday 8 April 2024 
Half term holiday: Monday 27 May 2024 to Friday 31 May 2024 
Term ends: Monday 22 July 2024 


28 August 

26 December 

1 January

29 March 

1 April 

6 May 

27 May 


4 September  

16 February 

3 June 

22 July 

Our School: About Us

About our school

Mainstream schooling doesn't work for everyone. At West Midlands Education & Skills, we understand the needs of pupils with learning, behavioural and social difficulties, whilst recognising that every pupil is an individual - and treating them as such!

We provide the support our students need to flourish and succeed.


Please note, we take on referrals from local authorities. If you do wish to arrange your own self-referral, you will need to pay for this independently.

Our School: About Us
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West Midlands Education & Skills: supporting students across Walsall in achieving their qualifications, setting them up for success in later life.

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Our School: Text

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